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Ordering Bible Training Materials


Ordering BTCP Course Materials:

Thank you for your interest in using the BTCP concept and curriculum for equipping pastors and church leaders.

In order to order the BTCP manuals, you must be an active BTCP ministry partner. Please see Partnering With BTCP for the criteria. Contact us by email at info@btcp.com or call 770-938-6160 Ext. 206 and we would be delighted to discuss BTCP more fully.

Partners Ordering BTCP Course Materials:

If you are already a BTCP partner and would like to place an order or have questions concerning an existing order, please contact us by email at orders@btcp.com or call 770-938-6160, Ext. 203.



Other materials available for purchase without being a BTCP ministry partner:

Bible Book Studies for Adults (BBSA) from Bible Training Centre for Pastors

The BBSA series is designed to promote practical understanding and application of the principles of God’s Word through expositional studies of individual Bible books. The focus is on what Scripture says so that believers may develop a biblical world view and look to God for guidance in every area of life. Every Christian should be involved in systematic Bible study if spiritual growth and effective service is to take place.

The studies are suitable for use:

  1. in adult Bible Study or Sunday School classes.

  2. in small group Bible studies.

  3. in personal study by individuals.

  4. by pastors/teachers.

The material is designed for a one-hour lesson per week format.

The Bible Book Studies are written to enable believers to grow and mature in Christ by knowing and obeying His Word. 1 Peter 3:182 Timothy 3:16-17Ephesians 4:14-16

Sample of BBSA Genesis Student Manual – Cost per manual $10.00

Sample of BBSA Genesis Teacher Manual – Cost per manual $5.00

The BBSA manuals can be ordered here (*Please note that we can only ship these books to US addresses at this time)