Extending biblical, theological training to the world's untrained pastors and church leaders

A Sampling of BTCP Strategic Partners

African Leadership


African Leadership trains community and church leaders across Africa who go on to lead stronger churches and build healthier communities. Last year over 10,000 graduated from our two year course and we managed 25 local development initiatives in 7 countries.

Our community development partners work with at-risk groups: orphans, vulnerable children, those living with and affected by HIV/AIDS, and women at risk. We respond with education, healthcare, practical skills training, clean water and emergency food relief.

The cornerstone of African Leadership is our network of Country Directors and their training corps. This group funds much of their work locally; students contribute to their own education. Since we began, over 40,000 pastors, church leaders and community leaders have graduated.

Through the work and vision of the board and staff, African Leadership curriculum has been recognized and used by many other schools and organizations. For instance, the Child Protection Handbook has been adapted by UNICEF for a National Child Advocacy campaign against child abuse and child labor in Malawi.

Denton Bible Church


SERVE is the Local and International outreach arm of Denton Bible Church, existing to glorify God by cultivating, equipping, and mobilizing Christian leaders worldwide.

We believe the most strategic way to impact a culture is through its churches. Therefore we strive to serve local churches by strengthening their leaders so that they can more effectively accomplish what Christ has called them to do: make disciples. SERVE seeks to foster consistent, intimate, and dynamic spiritual lives in Christian leaders worldwide through incarnational discipleship relationships.

Therefore SERVE mobilizes long-term missionaries who learn the local language and culture in order to establish credibility and cultivate relationships required to minister effectively in cultural contexts other than their own. This is accomplished through equipping leaders in the U.S. through our Missionary Training Institute (MTI) and worldwide through various leadership tools, including Bible Training Center for Pastors (BTCP).

Crossing Cultures International


CCI Mission & Vision

The mission of Crossing Cultures International is to glorify God by equipping Christ followers globally with comprehensive training for effective ministry.

We will impact the world, led by the Holy Spirit, to equip Christlike servants who equip Christlike servants who passionately and effectively serve in local church ministry, church planting, and cross cultural missions.

Training Pastors International


The mission the Lord has given us is the only true mission of His church given in Matthew 28:19-20. The way we have been called to accomplish this mission is by training national pastors and equipping them to train other national pastors. It is our conviction that a national can reach other nationals better than a cross-cultural missionary. We exist, therefore, to equip national pastors and leaders to accomplish the Great Commission wherever they are.

If we train pastors to win souls, disciple the saved, and train others to do the same, we have applied the spiritual principle that yields spiritual fruit. (2 Timothy 2:2)

The Lord has called us to provide Biblical ministry training for pastors and leaders who are, for either geographic or economic reasons, without access. Our goal is not to provide higher academic education, but instead, a basic training for a higher calling. We desire to equip God’s men to effectively serve Him using Kingdom principles found in God’s Holy Word.

Biblical Ministries Worldwide


At Biblical Ministries Worldwide, church planting is the main thing we do. As a family of church-planters around the world, our passion and life’s work is to establish new churches through the three interrelated activities of evangelism, discipleship and leadership development.

Our focus is on relationships: discipling people to Christ and then in Christ so that they can build local churches that reflect the biblical essentials and their own cultural expression.

We are not an end in ourselves. Because mission organizations, per se, are not found in the Scriptures, BMW exists to serve local churches by helping them accomplish their vision for world missions.

Mission organizations have been organized to do evangelism, provide education, engage in radio broadcasting, translate the Scriptures, facilitate air transportation, build hospitals, provide medical care, print literature, etc. While we recognize that those activities are very important, we believe God has chosen the local church as the focal point of His ministry in this age. Church planting is therefore “the end of the Great Commission.”

JUNAMI-Junta Nacional de Missões


JUNAMI – National Board of Missions (of Brazil), has for years been investing in the evangelization of peoples and the formation of national and cross-cultural missionaries and workers.

A JUNAMI – Junta Nacional de Missões, vem há anos investindo na evangelização dos povos e na formação de obreiros e missionários nacionais e transculturais.

International Training & Equipping Ministries


Mission & Vision

Our mission is to train church leaders in Africa in order to advance the true gospel through strong, vibrant, healthy churches.

By 2020, ITEM will provide basic Bible and theological training for up to 5,000 church leaders annually and work to engage at least half (up to 2,500 per year) of those pastors in a structured mentoring fellowship where they become godly examples (Heb 13:7), equippers (Eph 4:11-12), and Bible expositors (1 Tim 4:13). These pastors will then be equipped to lead their churches to become strong, vibrant, and healthy.

ACTOS Cruzada International


ACTS (which, literally translated from the Portuguese, is The Christian Association of Theology and Social Work) – Cruzada International, is an international missionary, philanthropic and non-profit charitable association, which was founded in 2009 and is based in Portugal. ACTS-CI aims to promote, support, develop and execute social, humanitarian and spiritual projects, especially in educational, professional and theological areas, particularly in countries in need. To accomplish our goals, as well as creating our own projects, ACTS-CI partners with similar organizations and receives donations from individuals and public and private institutions. ACTS – Cruzada International is registered in accordance with Portuguese law, as an Association, ensuring financial transparency and reliability required by law.

Leadership Outreach


The vision for Leadership Outreach was birthed in a facilitated discipleship program called Primeovers. Through the teaching and direction of Chip Ingram and Rick Linamen, God began to speak to Pastor Tim Neptune’s heart about helping church and ministry leaders develop and execute strategies for growth. In the spring of 2013, four founding families laid the framework for this new ministry.

Leadership Outreach was formed to help churches and faith based non-profits clearly understand and communicate their ministry’s vision, systematically develop a strategic path forward, and prayerfully connect life-seasoned mentors with emerging ministry leaders for greater Kingdom impact.