Extending biblical, theological training to the world's untrained pastors and church leaders

Qualification and Evaluation of BTCP/ BTCL Students


For pastors and the other targeted groups to be part of BTCP, students must meet the following requirements:

  • have a sense of God’s call or leading into ministry.

  • be biblically and spiritually qualified according to the standards of God’s Word in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

  • be currently involved in significant local church ministry.

  • have the recommendation and support of their local church and remain accountable to their church.

  • have the demonstrated ability to adequately read and comprehend English or the language used for training.

  • have the proper motivation for attending BTCP.

  • be able to state how they intend to use the BTCP training in their church ministry.

  • be faithful, teachable, reliable men who will be able to equip and train others.

BTCP cannot be used to train men who have been divorced, or women, to be pastors. Anyone other than a pastor may be trained and equipped through the BTCL program and receive a BTCL certificate of completion rather than a BTCP certificate.

For BTCL students, the above qualifications regarding character and motivation should be true as well, even though the biblical qualifications for pastors would not directly apply.

In order to progress to the next course in BTCP training, students must demonstrate to the instructor satisfactory understanding of the content and ability to practice the skills from the current course. Students should ask the instructor to answer questions or clarify any confusion they may have. The instructor will review the completed assignments in their course manuals, evaluate their class participation, and interview them regularly to ensure that learning is occurring. Evaluation may also extend to assessment of the students’ practical involvement in church ministry.