Pastor training spreads in Rwanda

Pastor training spreads in Rwanda

I'm James from Rwanda.

 I'm so happy how I been connected with BTCP. I was a missionary working in many countries in Africa.

I remember one day 2013, I connected with a Greg and Bev to bring this program here to Rwanda and I began training in the BTCP program.

So after I was trained in the BTCP program, I started here in Rwanda and we had three classes and also we went to Burundi and also started some classes in the Congo.

We thank God for the BTCP program because it helped me so much because when we studied the program it deeper and deeper understanding of the Word of God for people to understanding well about the Word of God.

We need people to understand the Word of God. It makes their lives to be changed. So I'm so very excited to learn and also to teach this program.

I will be be very happy and excited when I see all these books to be translated into Kinyarwanda. It will help us so much to have many people to follow this program. 

So we thank you and God bless you