Focused pastor training bears fruit in Haiti

Focused pastor training bears fruit in Haiti

Three years ago I came to the BTCP training program with a Haitian pastor named. We felt called to train pastors in his country and we were looking for a program to do that and this program has seemed to be an excellent answer to our question. So we began a little over three years ago in Haiti and we graduated our first class after two years of training in March of this year.

It was just a super day these men were pastoring churches of 300 to 800 in size with a minimal Bible education, in fact they were often guessing and what the Scripture meant.

On their graduation day, they got their gowns they wanted to have a big parade you march through the city for about a half of a mile as a testimony to the Lord in their City and during a graduation ceremony they gave tremendous testimonies of how the training had improved them as pastors and teachers and how much more they knew and how much more effective they felt they were in terms of teaching and giving the Word of God to their congregations.

In fact one of them was so impressed that he said he would like to start over again in a new city and plant a new church because now he could do it with the biblical foundations that he needed.

So we have started a new class in June and we had 60 pastors apply to get into that class and we're only taking 12. We took the two best pastors out of our first class and they are now mentoring in that class and they is going to be a multiplication factor once they get through this course. Then they're going to start teaching classes of their own so we're hoping that we won't just add that we'll be able to multiply through the training that we received here at BTCP.