BTCP’s pastor training helps protect believers in Nepal

BTCP’s pastor training helps protect believers in Nepal

Hello my name is Bikram Singh.

Somebody told me that if you go in Nepal so you can do BTCP training and you can teach in your local churches and pastors and leaders. You can equip them. So this interested me. 

There are so many pastors and leaders that don’t even know how to preach. So BTCP is very helpful in training because of how we prepare messages and systematically how we can preach to people, but many leaders and believers wants to go Bible College. Some of them, because of their situation and family could not go to the Bible College because of children and jobs and everything else had to be left behind. The see the financial problems and it's very difficult or impossible for them to go to Bible College. That's why BTCP is encouraging us and it is very helpful to study and learn and then also you can teach others.

Hopefully, are we are praying that all of Nepal. 

Even this place, in many villages, pastors and leaders they do not know how to open the Bible. So many things they don't know so that's why to provide this BTCP book even villages in the hillsides, in the remote areas, also in the future they may be very helpful for them.

Also many people are trapped in apostasy because of the lack of biblical knowledge. Even many leaders also! That's why, if we want to protect from apostasy, we must know the true, biblical teaching. We must be mature. Then we can fight apostasy.

That's why even many believers and leaders are led away. Their minds are so confused. They are wandering here and there.

So BTCP is very necessary to defend our faith because the Bible says, “Be faithful until death.” So our Christian faith is not for a few days, not for a few months. No! It is in lasts our last breath!
I have been blessing to participate in BTCP training and I want I just want to teach newcomers. God bless you all.