BTCP provides pastor training without academic prerequisites

BTCP provides pastor training without academic prerequisites

Scholastic credentials pose a large barrier for many to enter Bible college or seminary. Many pastors around the world have not even had the opportunity to complete High School.
BTCP does not require any academic prerequisites for a disciple to enter training in an effort to equip the millions of pastors worldwide that do not have access to formal collegiate training.
We are thankful for Charles Gilbert at South Georgia Academy For Protestant Ministers and his hard work equipping 23 ministers 2 years.
Thanks also go to Pastor Evan Lewis for sharing his story with us.

I started this class less than two years ago and I came in here thinking that I have had the perfect training.

But coming in I allowed myself to let God use me for the purpose that I'm here. He taught me how to be a student. He taught me and I learned that He gave me everything that I need to become the person that He wants me to be.

I allowed myself to engage in this training. This moment that I'm spending to share the goodness that God has allowed me to live a life that I thought was far beyond because of what I didn't have and qualify for the thing that it called for me to have. To say that I'm who God can use.

So I thank God for this program this has been a blessing in more ways than one, this class itself, the school alone has changed my life and I thank God for everybody that participated.