OTS Session 4: Exodus

Dear Class,

Thanks for hanging in last night despite the continued freezing temperatures. This week I will just include a link to a PDF of my notes rather than try to put them into the text of the post.

I pray that God was glorified as we looked at how the story of Exodus is God revealing who He is —revealing His glory—through destroying the oppressor, redeeming His people, and establishing His covenant. In this we see His glory: The Great I AM, self-existent, independent, and sovereign over all. Though owing nothing to His creation, He sovereignly chooses to have mercy on whomever He wills.

What a glory that when we see the sin of the Israelites and identify with their rebellion, we can take comfort in the fact that the Sovereign God has made a way of reconciliation through the Passover Lamb whose sacrifice once and for all cleanses us from all unrighteousness. Through His tabernacling among us, we now have a hope that we will one day be restored to full fellowship with the Author of Life. All of this because the Almighty Yahweh chose to have Mercy on us.

Link to Notes:

Exodus Notes


  1. Read Book of Leviticus

  2. Read Introduction to Leviticus in Study Bible (211-216)

  3. Read and complete pages 49-56 in OTS Manual

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