OTS Session 1: Introduction and Overview

OTS Session 1: Introduction and Overview

Dear Class,

It is great to be back and studying God’s Word together. Thank you to everyone for your attention and hard work in class on Wednesday. It was not ideal to have such warm temperatures, especially on our first night back. I pray that this course would be a blessing upon you. I promise, you will not regret the the time and effort spent in devotion to knowing the Almighty God more deeply than you did before.


  • Get reacquainted with one another. *Don’t forget to be praying for the person you introduced.

  • Introduce the structure of the Old Testament and review a the historical timeline that it covers.

  • Know why it is important to study the Old Testament and begin to see how it relates to the New Testament.


  1. Read the Book of Genesis (at least chapters 1-11)

  2. Read pages 33-42 in the OTS Manual (with a focus on 33 - 36)

  3. Read “Theology of the Old Testament” (pages 29-31 in ESV Study Bible)

  4. Read “Introduction to Genesis (pages 39-48 in ESV Study Bible)