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“I’m a pastor of an Hispanic church in the U.S. I can’t afford to go to seminary. But, I need more than just basic training to be able to teach and lead my congregation. Who will train me? Who will train my leaders?"

The Consortium for Training Hispanic Pastors
and Church Leaders in the U.S.

The Need Record numbers of Hispanic churches are being formed in the United States. But most of those churches struggle to find trained pastors and church leaders.
The Solution To extend non-formal theological training to untrained Hispanic pastors and church leaders in the U.S.
The Concept and Curriculum The Consortium will use the concept and curriculum from the Bible Training Centre for Pastors (BTCP).
The Courses BTCP offers a comprehensive 520 hour, 10-course curriculum that provides foundational theological and ministry training.
Courses include:

• Bible Study Methods • Personal Spiritual Life
• Old Testament Survey • Church Ministry/Administration/Education
• New Testament Survey • Teaching Principles and Methods
• Preaching/Pastoral Ministry • Church History Survey
• Bible Doctrine • Missions/Evangelism/Discipleship
A Spanish NIV Study Bible will be used. Certificates will be issued upon completion.

The Plan To find ministry partners– such as individuals, churches and other ministries –who feel called to assist in this training on a local basis. Teacherswill be fluent in Spanish and have knowledge and experience in pastoral ministry.

What Consortium members are saying:
“From personal experience in training Spanish-speaking believers, the BTCP
materials are ideal to train leaders for the Hispanic churches in North America.”
Chris Matthews – East West Ministries.
“When I came to my mission field in Georgia, like any missionary church
planter working with the Hispanics in the United States, I found myself going
around in circles trying to find workers to plant new churches. There was
nothing available that would give a person willing to start a new Hispanic
church the equivalent of a two-year Bible college training in Spanish.”
Moses Valdes – Language Missions, Georgia Baptist Convention.

Consortium members include:

• Denton Bible Church – Denton, Texas
• East West Ministries
• Victoria en Cristo – Jonesboro, GA
• Training Pastors International
• Calvary Church – Charlotte, NC
• Georgia Baptist Convention Language Missions
• Bible Training Centre for Pastors – Atlanta, GA

Please download this brochure for more detailed information in both English and Spanish.